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Shiny Beetle nails

First off, I apologize for the worn tips on my nails. I've had this combo on for a couple days now & wasn't planning on posting any pictures of it until it made my Boss stop talking in mid-sentence. I mean I love this combo, it's color shifting, flakey goodness has distracting me on many a drive home & during boring conversations/family events. Sorry I don't care about sports. Anywho, it's one coat of Color Mates 'Decadence' (a metallic brown) + one coat of Hard Candy 'Beetle' + one coat of Essie 'Shine of the Times'. I did use a base coat & clear top coat as well. Beetle is gorgeous without Shine on top of it but adding it just amplifies all the goodness by twenty.


Monster High inspired manicure

FYI this is my first actual attempt at nail art. Inspired my Monster High's C.A. Cupid doll.


My first frankens!!

Top - Light Pink, Silver & Gunmetal glitter.
Bottom - Iridescent Pink & Blue/Purple glitter.

No flash. Right - Iridescent. Left - Pink, Silver, Gunmetal.
Right - Iridescent, Left - Pink, Silver, Gunmetal.

If my nails didn't look like this now I would change them. 
I've yet to try them over other colors or on my own nails, mainly because I made them minutes ago & I really like the polish I'm wearing now. Nicole - Sounds Grape to Me (2 coats) & Essie - Shine of the Times (1 coat).