GHOSTS - The outward and visible sign of an inward fear?

A couple weeks ago I was reading a post on Freddy in Space where he interviewed the star of Deadgirl. While it did increase my interest in a movie I already wanted to see it also got me interested in another thing. During the interview they talk about filming on a haunted set and the actress mentions two other places that she's been that spooked her. Those two places happen to be within an hour and a half radius from me. Which apparently awoke my inner ghost hunter cause ever since I've been looking into other supposed haunted places. Turns out there are several in the town I live in, which is a pretty small place so it was somewhat surprising. I'm also wondering how true these sightings are since I grew up here and went to the only high school in the area without ever hearing about them. It makes me very curious. I'm not a skeptic by any means cause I do believe that ghosts exist or at least I'm pretty sure I do. My grandmother used to hold seances across the street from where I lived growing up and swears up and down that she used to see ghosts there all the time. During all the time I spent there as a kid I never noticed anything creepy or odd so it might have just been the Manhattans talking in her case.

I have come across other things that just creeped me out and I couldn't logically explain them. Many many years ago we were at the home of a friend of the family. I can't remember the reason why now but I went into one of the bedrooms to get my coat, since it was an old house it didn't have any overhead lights only lamps near the bed so you had to cross the room to get to them. Upon entering the dark room I get halfway across when I notice the digital clock is changing from hour to hour (like they do when you're setting them) and there is no one in the room but me. I hightail it out of there and try to think logically, assuming someones trying to scare me so I need to not be a chicken and go back in. I try once again and fail miserably. The clock is still changing and I'm totally freaked out. Now there wasn't an evil presence or anything that I felt but it just didn't feel right. My dad ends up going in to get it cause that's what dads do, they come in and save the day. The night ends without anything else happening and I end up finding out sometime later that the people who lived there had seen a farmer walking down the hallway towards them on the couch several times. Creepy.

I have to be totally honest and admit that I'm still a chicken shit. I've always been one and I doubt that will ever change. Hell I remember hiding behind the couch when the Thriller video would come on. Yeah, embarrassing but I've come to accept that part of me so wanting to go explore these supposedly haunted places has got me torn. If I go will I just imagine things being there like when the water heater in the closet becomes Pinhead coming for me? Part of me still wants to go while the other part thinks I'm insane. Somehow I don't think that what I've seen the Winchesters do on Supernatural will have any basis on anything in real life but lore and myths have to be based on something right? Basically I need to make up my mind. Are ghosts real or are they only bits of peoples imaginations? Will salt and iron save my ass since I don't know any Latin? Or do I just watch too much Supernatural?

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