Smallville - Wonder Twins

I have been avoiding Smallville lately cause well it's been sucking like a cheap whore lately. I did watch the Green Arrow based episode cause he's hot though. Anyways, I've been hearing about the Wonder Twins being on this week and as much as I know I'll be disappointed my curiosity has gotten the better of me. I love when they feature other characters from the DC Universe.

So far I've liked what they shown of them, well not really happy with Hot Topic Wendy but I very much like that they are screw-ups. Love the monkey reference on her phone!!!
Lois has turned whiny, why must all females on this show be annoying?!? She used to be interesting and now she's turning into Lana v2.0. I cannot stand Lana.
Chloe is still pretty awesome though. Ehh maybe not, kinda preachy.
Woohoo Wonder Twins fist bump!! Powers Activate!
Boooooo to emo Superman/Red Blue Blur. He looks like he's wearing a chicks coat.
Yay Star Wars reference!!!
Evil D.A. how original. :-p
"I am the shield." No, sorry that's Captain America.
More Wonder Twins please..........
No fucking way anyone can hold onto a flag pole for that long.
Very happy they got their powers right. I wish they would say their names again, or initials so I could see if their names are correct too. I have a feeling they aren't.
I wish the CW would advertise Supernatural as much as they advertise their lame teen soaps.
I knew female twin looked familiar!!!!!!! It's the smart teen chick from Warehouse 13. LOVE that show!!
Lol bringing out the Clark Kent glasses. Nice!
Well it was better then the past couple but still bleh. I doubt I'll be watching again til they have more heroes on it.

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