101 Fantasy Books Reading Challenge

Recently came across an interesting reading challenge on A Bibliophile's Bookshelf by way of Reading with Tequila and thought I'd take a shot at it. Basically you select the number of books you want to read from the list and keep an updated list on your blog. The contest (?) started on Oct. 10, 2009 and ends on Oct. 10, 2010 so I'm a little behind but I've actually read a couple of the books in the last couple months. I don't have a set number of books I'm going to aim for but I want to try to read as many as possible. The Sookie Stackhouse books and Sherrilyn Kenyon books are high on my list of Must Reads though. If I had to get an estimate I'd say 30, that's if I can manage to get my hands on them in my money-deprived state.

Anywhoo, here's the list:
Books in blue I've already read before the contest started.
Books in red I've read since the contest started.

ABE, Shana – The Smoke Thief
ALEXANDER, Lloyd – Taran Wanderer
ALEXANDER, Lloyd – The Black Cauldron
ALEXANDER, Lloyd – The Book of Three
ALEXANDER, Lloyd – The Castle of Llyr
ALEXANDER, Lloyd – The High King
ALEXANDER, Lloyd – The Prydain Chronicles
ANDREWS, Ilona – Magic Bites
ANDREWS, Ilona – Magic Burns
ANDREWS, Ilona – Magic Strikes
ANTHONY, Piers – A Spell for Chameleon
ANTHONY, Piers – And Eternity
ANTHONY, Piers – Bearing an Hourglass
ANTHONY, Piers – Being a Green Mother
ANTHONY, Piers – For Love of Evil
ANTHONY, Piers – On a Pale Horse
ANTHONY, Piers – The Source of Magic
ANTHONY, Piers – Under a Velvet Cloak
ANTHONY, Piers – Wielding a Red Sword
ANTHONY, Piers – With a Tangled Skein
ARMSTRONG, Kelley – The Summoning
ARMSTRONG, Kelly – Bitten
ARTHUR, Keri – Full Moon Rising
ATWOOD, Margaret – The Handmaid’s Tale
BAKKER, Scott R – The Darkness That Comes Before
BARKER, Clive – The Thief of Always
BARRIE, JM – Peter Pan
BARZAK, Christopher – One for Sorrow
BAUM, Frank – Wizard of Oz
BEAGLE, Peter – A Fine and Private Place
BEAGLE, Peter – Tamsin
BEAGLE, Peter S – The Last Unicorn
BEAM PIPER, H – Lorad Kalvan of Otherwhen
BISHOP, Anne – Daughter of the Blood
BISHOP, Anne – Dreams Made Flesh
BISHOP, Anne – Heir to the Shadows
BISHOP, Anne – Queen of the Darkness
BISHOP, Anne – Tangled Webs
BISHOP, Anne – The Invisible Ring
BISHOP, Anne – The Shadow Queen
BLOCK, Francesa Lia – Necklace of Kisses
BLOCK, Francesca Lia – Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat Books
BRADLEY, Marion Zimmer – The Mists of Avalon
BRAY, Libba – A Great & Terribly Beauty
BRAY, Libba – A Sweet Far Thing
BRAY, Libba – Rebel Angels
BRETT, Peter V – The Painted Man/The Warded Man
BRIGGS, Patricia – Blood Bound
BRIGGS, Patricia – Bone Crossed
BRIGGS, Patricia – Iron Kissed
BRIGGS, Patricia – Moon Called
BRIN, David – Brightness Reef
BRIN, David – Heaven’s Reach
BRIN, David – Infinity’s Shore
BROOKS, Terry – The Druid of Shannara
BROOKS, Terry – The Elf of Shannara
BROOKS, Terry – The Scions of Shannara
BROOKS, Terry – The Talismans of Shannara
BROOKS, Terry – A Princess of Landover
BROOKS, Terry – Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold
BROOKS, Terry – The Black Unicorn
BROOKS, Terry – The Elfstones of Shannara
BROOKS, Terry – The Sword of Shannara
BROOKS, Terry – The Tangle Box
BROOKS, Terry – The Wishsong of Shannara
BROOKS, Terry – Witches’ Brew
BROOKS, Terry – Wizard at Large
BRUST, Steven – Agyar
BRUST, Steven – Dragon
BRUST, Steven – Jhereg
BRUST, Steven – Orca
BRUST, Steven – Phoenix
BRUST, Steven – Taltos
BRUST, Steven – Teckla
BRUST, Steven – To Reign in Hell
BRUST, Steven – Yendi
BUCKLEY, Michael – Magic and Other Misdemeanors
BUCKLEY, Michael – Once Upon a Crime
BUCKLEY, Michael – Tales from the Hood
BUCKLEY, Michael – The Everafter War
BUCKLEY, Michael – The Fairy Tale Detectives
BUCKLEY, Michael – The Problem Child
BUCKLEY, Michael – The Unusual Suspects
BUNYAN, John – Pilgrim’s Progress
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice – Carson of Venus
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice – Escape on Venus
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice – John Carter
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice – Lost on Venus
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice – Pellucidar
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice – Pirates of Venus
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice – Tarzan
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice – The Wizard of Venus
BUTCHER, Jim – Fool Moon
BUTCHER, Jim – Grave Peril
BUTCHER, Jim – Storm Front
CAINE, Rachel – Carpe Corpus
CAINE, Rachel – Feast of Fools
CAINE, Rachel – Glass Houses
CAINE, Rachel – Lord of Misrule
CAINE, Rachel – Midnight Alley
CAINE, Rachel – The Dead Girls Dance
CARD, Orson Scott – Enchantment
CARD, Orson Scott – Ender’s Game
CAREY, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Avatar
CAREY, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Chosen
CAREY, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Dart
CAREY, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Justice
CAREY, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Mercy
CAREY, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Scion
CAREY, Jacqueline – Naamah’s Kiss
CARMODY, Isobelle – Ashling
CARMODY, Isobelle – Darkfall
CARMODY, Isobelle – Darksong
CARMODY, Isobelle – Obernewtyn
CARMODY, Isobelle – The Farseekers
CARMODY, Isobelle – The Keeping Place
CARMODY, Isobelle – The Stone Key
CARROLL, Lewis – Alice through the Looking Glass
CARROLL, Lewis – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
CASHORE, Kristin – Graceling
CASS, Kiera – The Siren
CAST, PC – Untamed
CASTLE, Jayne – Ghosthunter
CHALKER, Jack – Midnight at the Well of Souls
CHAUCER, Geoffrey – Canterbury Tales
CLARE, Cassandra – City of Bones
CLARE, Cassandra – City of Ashes
CLARE, Cassandra – City of Glass
CLARKE, Susanna – Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
COELHO, Paul – The Alchemist
COLFER, Eoin – Artemis Fowl
COLFER, Eoin – Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident 
COLFER, Eoin – Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code
COLFER, Eoin – Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony
COLFER, Eoin – Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
COLFER, Eoin – Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox
COLLINS, Suzanne – Gregor and the Code of Claw
COLLINS, Suzanne – Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods
COLLINS, Suzanne – Gregor and the Mark of Secrets
COLLINS, Suzanne – Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane
COLLINS, Suzanne – Gregor the Overlander
COLLINS, Suzanne – The Hunger Games
CONNOLLY, John – Book of Lost Things
COOK, Glen – The Tower Of Fear
COOPER, Susan – The Dark is Rising
DART-THORNTON, Cecilia – Lady of the Sorrows
DART-THORNTON, Cecilia – The Battle of Evernight
DART-THORNTON, Cecilia – The Ill-made Mute
DE LA CRUZ, Melissa – Blue Bloods
DE LA CRUZ, Melissa – Masquerade
DE LA CRUZ, Melissa – Revelations
DE LA CRUZ, Melissa – The Van Alen Legacy
DE LINT, Charles – Memory
DE LINT, Charles – Dreams Underfoot
DE LINT, Charles – Widdershins
DE LINT, Charlies – The Onion Girl
DEAN, Pamela – The Dubious Hills
DEAN, Pamela – The Hidden Land
DEAN, Pamela – The Secret Country
DEAN, Pamela – Whim of the Dragon
DEL FRANCO, Mark – Skin Deep
DEL FRANCO, Mark – Unfallen Dead
DEL FRANCO, Mark – Unquiet Dreams
DEL FRANCO, Mark – Unshapely Things
DICAMMILLO, Kat – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane
DICKENS, Charles – A Christmas Carol
DONALDSON, Stephen R – A Man Rides Through
DONALDSON, Stephen R – Chronicles of Thomas Convenant the Unbeliever
DONALDSON, Stephen R – Mordant’s Need
DONALDSON, Stephen R – The Mirror of Her Dreams
DOUGLASS, Sara – Starman
DOUGLASS, Sara – BattleAxe
DOUGLASS, Sara – Crusader
DOUGLASS, Sara – Enchanter
DOUGLASS, Sara – Pilgrim
DOUGLASS, Sara – Sinner
DRAKE, Jocelyn – Night Walker
DUNCAN, Dave – The Coming of Wisdom
DUNCAN, Dave – The Destiny of the Sword
DUNCAN, Dave – The Reluctant Swordsman
EDDINGS, David – Belgarath the Sorcerer
EDDINGS, David – Polgara the Sorceress 
EDDINGS, David – The Diamond Throne
EDDINGS, David – The Domes of Fire
EDDINGS, David – The Hidden City
EDDINGS, David – The Redemption of Althalus
EDDINGS, David – The Shining Ones 
EDDINGS, David – Castle of Wizardry
EDDINGS, David – Demon Lord of Karanda
EDDINGS, David – Enchanter’s End Game
EDDINGS, David – Guardians of the West
EDDINGS, David – King of the Murgos
EDDINGS, David – Magician’s Gambit
EDDINGS, David – Pawn of Prophecy
EDDINGS, David – Queen of Sorcery
EDDINGS, David – Sorceress of Darshiva
EDDINGS, David – The Ruby Knight 
EDDINGS, David – The Sapphire Rose
EDDINGS, David – The Seeress of Kell
EDDISON, Eric Rucker – The Worm Ourobors
ENDE, Michael – The Neverending Story
ERIKSON, Steven – Gardens of the Moon
EVANS, Chris – A Darkness Forged in Fire
EVANS, George – Bloody Good
EXUPERY, Antoine de Saint – The Little Prince
FEEHAN, Christine – Conspiracy Game
FEEHAN, Christine – Dangerous Tides
FEEHAN, Christine – Deadly Game
FEEHAN, Christine – Magic in the Wind
FEEHAN, Christine – Mind Game
FEEHAN, Christine – Murder Game
FEEHAN, Christine – Night Game
FEEHAN, Christine – Oceans of Fire
FEEHAN, Christine – Predatory Game
FEEHAN, Christine – Safe Harbor
FEEHAN, Christine – Shadow Game
FEEHAN, Christine – The Twilight Before Christmas
FEEHAN, Christine – Turbulent Sea
FEIST, Raymond E – A Darkness at Sethanon
FEIST, Raymond E – Magician
FEIST, Raymond E – Silverthorn
FORD, John M – The Final Reflection
FORD, John M – The Dragon Waiting
FREIDMAN, CS – Black Sun Rising
FREIDMAN, CS – Crown of Shadows
FREIDMAN, CS – When Night Falls
FRIEDMAN, CS – The Alien Shore
FRIEDMAN, CS – The Madness Season
FROST, Jeaniene – At Grave’s End
FROST, Jeaniene – Halfway to the Grave
FROST, Jeaniene – One Foot in the Grave
FUREY, Maggie – Aurian
FUREY, Maggie – Dhiammara
FUREY, Maggie – Harp of Winds
FUREY, Maggie – Sword of Flame
GABALDON, Diana – Dragonfly in Amber
GABALDON, Diana – The Drums of Autumn
GABALDON, Diana – Voyager
GABALDON, Diana – A Breath of Snow and Ashes
GABALDON, Diana – Cross Stitch
GABALDON, Diana – The Fiery Cross
GAIMAN, Neil – American Gods
GAIMAN, Neil – Anansi Boys
GAIMAN, Neil – Coraline
GAIMAN, Neil – Neverwhere
GAIMAN, Neil – Stardust
GAIMAN, Neil – The Graveyard Book
GAIMAN, Neil & PRATCHETT, Terry – Good Omens
GALENORN, Yasmine – Changeling
GALENORN, Yasmine – Darkling
GALENORN, Yasmine – Demon Mistress
GALENORN, Yasmine – Dragon Wytch
GALENORN, Yasmine – Night Huntress
GALENORN, Yasmine – Witchling
GOLDMAN, William – The Princess Bride
GOODKIND, Terry – Blood of the Fold
GOODKIND, Terry – Chainfire
GOODKIND, Terry – Confessor
GOODKIND, Terry – Faith of the Fallen
GOODKIND, Terry – Naked Empire
GOODKIND, Terry – Phantom
GOODKIND, Terry – Soul of the Fire
GOODKIND, Terry – Stone of Tears 
GOODKIND, Terry – Temple of the Winds
GOODKIND, Terry – The Pillars of Creation
GOODKIND, Terry – Wizard’s First Rule
GRANGE, Amanda – Mr Darcy, Vampyre
GRAY, Claudia – Evernight
GREEN, Simon R – Hawk and Fisher – Haven Of Lost Souls
GREEN, Simon R – Nightside: Something from the Nightside
GREFORIAN, Joyce Ballou – The Great Wheel
GREGORIAN, Joyce Ballou – Broken Citadel
GREGORIAN, Joyce Ballou – Castledown!
GREGORY, Daryl – Pandemonium
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Blood Noir
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Bloody Bones
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Blue Moon
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Cerulean Sins
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Circus of the Damned 
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Danse Macabre
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Guilty Pleasures
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Incubus Dreams
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Micah
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Narcissus in Chains
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Obsidian Butterfly
HAMILTON, Laurell K – Skin Trade
HAMILTON, Laurell K – The Harlequin
HAMILTON, Laurell K – The Killing Dance
HAMILTON, Laurell K – The Laughing Corpse
HAMILTON, Laurell K – The Lunatic CafĂ©
HARDINGE, Frances – Fly By Night
HARPER, Molly – Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs
HARRIS, Charlaine – All Together Dead
HARRIS, Charlaine – Club Dead
HARRIS, Charlaine – Dead as a Doornail
HARRIS, Charlaine – Dead to the World
HARRIS, Charlaine – Dead Until Dark
HARRIS, Charlaine – Definitely Dead
HARRIS, Charlaine – From Dead to Worse
HARRIS, Charlaine – Living Dead in Dallas
HARRISON, Kim – Dead Witch Walking
HARRISON, Kim – Every Which Way But Dead
HARRISON, Kim – Fistful of Charms
HARRISON, Kim – For a Few Demons More
HARRISON, Kim – The Good the Bad and the Undead
HARRISON, Kim – The Outlaw Demon Wails
HARRISON, Kim – White Witch, Black Curse
HAWKER, John Twelve – The Traveller
HAYDON, Elizabeth – Destiny: Child of the Sky
HAYDON, Elizabeth – Elegy for a Lost Star
HAYDON, Elizabeth – Prophecy: Child of Earth
HAYDON, Elizabeth – Requiem for the Sun
HAYDON, Elizabeth – Rhapsody: Child of Blood
HAYDON, Elizabeth – The Assassin King
HEARN, Lian – Across the Nightingale Floor
HIEBER, Leanna Renee – The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker
HILTON, James – Lost Horizon
HOBB, Robin – Assassin’s Apprentice
HOBB, Robin – Assassin’s Quest
HOBB, Robin – Fool’s Errand
HOBB, Robin – Fool’s Fate
HOBB, Robin – Royal Assassin
HOBB, Robin – Ship of Destiny
HOBB, Robin – Ship of Magic
HOBB, Robin – The Golden Fool
HOBB, Robin – The Mad Ship
HOGAN, James P – The Proteus Operation
HOMER – The Odyssey
HORWOOD, William – Ducton Quest
HORWOOD, William – Ducton Rising
HORWOOD, William – Duncton Found
HORWOOD, William – Duncton Stone
HORWOOD, William – Duncton Tales
HORWOOD, William – Duncton Wood
HORWOOD, William – Journeys to the Heartland
HOWARD, Robert E – Conan the Barbarian
HOWARD, Robert E – Kull the Destroyer
HOWARD, Robert E – Kull: Exile to Atlantis
HOWARD, Robert E – Riders of the River-Dragons
HOWARD, Robert E – Rogues in the house
HOWARD, Robert E – Shadow in the Tomb
HOWARD, Robert E – Skulls in the Stars
HOWARD, Robert E – Solomon Kane
HOWARD, Robert E – The Hand of Kane
HOWARD, Robert E – The Hills of the Dead
HOWARD, Robert E – The Moon of Skulls
HOWARD, Robert E – The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane
HOWARD, Robert E – The Song of Red Sonja
HOWARD, Robert E – Tower of the Elephant
HUFF, Tanya – Summon the Keeper
IRVINE, Ian – The Three Worlds Cycle
JACQUES, Brian – Mattimeo
JACQUES, Brian – Mossflower
JACQUES, Brian – Redwall
JOHNSON, Kij – The Fox Woman
JORDAN, Robert – A Crown of Swords
JORDAN, Robert – Crossroads of Twilight
JORDAN, Robert – Knife of Dreams
JORDAN, Robert – Lord of Chaos
JORDAN, Robert – The Dragon Reborn
JORDAN, Robert – The Eye of the World
JORDAN, Robert – The Fires of Heaven
JORDAN, Robert – The Great Hunt
JORDAN, Robert – The Path of Daggers
JORDAN, Robert – The Shadow Rising
JORDAN, Robert – Winter’s Heart
JOYCE, Brenda – Dark Embrace
JOYCE, Brenda – Dark Lover
JOYCE, Brenda – Dark Rival
JOYCE, Brenda – Dark Seduction
JOYCE, Brenda – Dark Victory
KANE, Stacia – Demon Inside
KANE, Stacia – Personal Demon
KAY, Guy Gavriel – The Lions of Al-Rassan
KAY, Guy Gavriel – A Song for Arbonne
KAY, Guy Gavriel – Lord of Emperors
KAY, Guy Gavriel – Sailing to Sarantium
KAY, Guy Gavriel – The Darkest Road
KAY, Guy Gavriel – The Summer Tree
KAY, Guy Gavriel – The Wandering Fire
KAY, Guy Gavriel – Tigana
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Acheron
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Bad Moon Rising
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Dance with the Devil X
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Devil May Cry
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Dragonswan
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Dream Chaser
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Dream Warrior
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Fantasy Lover
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Kiss of the Night
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Night Embrace
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Night Play
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Night Pleasures
KENYON, Sherrilyn – One Silent Night
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Seize the Night
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Sins of the Night
KENYON, Sherrilyn – The Dark Side of the Moon
KENYON, Sherrilyn – The Dream Hunter
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Unleash the Night
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Upon the Midnight Clear
KERR, Katharine – A Time of Exile
KERR, Katharine – A Time of Justice
KERR, Katharine – A Time of Omens
KERR, Katharine – A Time of War
KERR, Katharine – Daggerspell
KERR, Katharine – Darkspell
KERR, Katharine – Dawnspell: The Bristling Wood
KERR, Katharine – Dragonspell: The Southern Sea
KEYES, Greg – The Briar Knight
KING, Stephen – Song of Susannah
KING, Stephen – The Dark Tower
KING, Stephen – The Drawing of the Three
KING, Stephen – The Gunslinger
KING, Stephen – The Wastelands
KING, Stephen – Wizards and Glass
KING, Stephen – Wolves of the Calla
KIRIKI HOFFMAN, Nina – The Thread that Binds the Bones
KITTREDGE, Caitlin – Street Magic
KLAUS, Annette Curtis – Blood and Chocolate
KOSTOVA, Elizabeth – The Historian
KURTZ, Katherine – Camber of Culdi
KURTZ, Katherine – Camber the Heretic
KURTZ, Katherine – Deryni Checkmate
KURTZ, Katherine – Deryni Rising
KURTZ, Katherine – High Deryni
KURTZ, Katherine – Saint Camber
KURTZ, Katherine – The Bishop’s Heir
KURTZ, Katherine – The King’s Justice
KURTZ, Katherine – The Quest for Saint Camber
L’ENGLE, Madeline – Wrinkle in Time
LACKEY, Mercedes – Magic’s Pawn
LACKEY, Mercedes – Magic’s Price
LACKEY, Mercedes – Magic’s Promise
LANAGAN, Margo – Tender Morsels
LEGUIN, Ursula – A Wizard of Earthsea
LEGUIN, Ursula – Lavinia
LEGUIN, Ursula – Tehanu
LEGUIN, Ursula – The Farthest Shore
LEGUIN, Ursula – The Other Wind
LEGUIN, Ursula – The Tombs of Atuan
LEGUIN, Ursula – Voices
LEIBER, Fritz – The Swords of Lankhmar
LEIGH, Lora – Aiden’s Charity
LEIGH, Lora – Bengal’s Heart
LEIGH, Lora – Coyote’s Mate
LEIGH, Lora – Dawn’s Awakening
LEIGH, Lora – Elizabeth’s Wolf
LEIGH, Lora – Harmony’s Way
LEIGH, Lora – Jacob’s Faith
LEIGH, Lora – Kiss of Heat
LEIGH, Lora – Megan’s Mark
LEIGH, Lora – Soul Deep
LEIGH, Lora – Tanner’s Scheme
LEIGH, Lora – Tempting the Beast
LEIGH, Lora – The Man Within
LEIGH, Lora -Mercury’s War
LENDER, Sandy – Choices Meant for Gods
LEVINE, Gail Carson – Ella Enchanted
LEWIS, CS – Chronicles of Narnia
LIU, Marjorie – The Iron Hunt
LIVINGSTON, Leslie – Wondrous Strange
LOVECRAFT, HP – Cthulu Mythos
LYNCH, Scott – The Lies of Locke Lamora
MACDONALD, George – At the Back of the North Wind
MACDONALD, George – Phantastes and Lilith
MACDONALD, George – Lillith
MAGUIRE, Gregory – Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
MAGUIRE, Gregory – Wicked
MANTCHEV, Lisa – Eyes Like Stars
MARILLIER, Juliet – Blade of Fortriu
MARILLIER, Juliet – Child of the Prophecy
MARILLIER, Juliet – Daughter of the Forest
MARILLIER, Juliet – Heir to the Sevenwaters
MARILLIER, Juliet – Son of the Shadows
MARILLIER, Juliet – The Dark Mirror
MARILLIER, Juliet – The Well of Shadows
MARR, Melissa – Fragile Eternity
MARR, Melissa – Ink Exchange
MARR, Melissa – Wicked Lovely
MARTEL, Yann – Life of Pi
MARTIN, George RR – A Clash of Kings
MARTIN, George RR – A Feast for Crows
MARTIN, George RR – A Game of Thrones
MARTIN, George RR – A Storm of Swords
MCBRIDE, Bess – A Train Through Time
MCBRIDE, Bess – Caribbean Dreams of Love
MCBRIDE, Bess – Love of My Heart
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Acorn’s Rebels
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Acorna’s Children
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Acorna’s People
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Acorna’s Quest
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Acorna’s Search
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Acorna’s Triumph
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Acorna’s World
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Dragonseye
MCCAFFREY, Anne – The Dragonriders of Pern
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Dragondrums
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Dragonflight
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Dragonquest
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Dragonsinger
MCCAFFREY, Anne – Dragonsong
MCCAFFREY, Anne – The White Dragon
McCARTHY, Cormac – The Road
MCKILLIP, Patrica A – Heir of Sea and Fire
MCKILLIP, Patrica A – Ombria in Shadow
MCKILLIP, Patrica A – Riddle-Master of Hed
MCKILLIP, Patrica A – The Harpist in the Wind
MCKILLOP, Patricia – The Changeling Sea
MCKILLOP, Patricia – The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
MCKINLEY, Robin – Beauty
MCKINLEY, Robin – Sunshine
MCKINLEY, Robin – The Blue Sword
MCKINLEY, Robin – The Hero & the Crown
MCLEOD, Suzanne – The Sweet Smell of Blood
MCMASTER BUJOLD, Lois – A Civil Campaign
MCMASTER BUJOLD, Lois – The Curse of Chalion
MEAD, Richelle – Blood Promise
MEAD, Richelle – Frostbite
MEAD, Richelle – Shadow Kiss
MEAD, Richelle – Storm Born
MEAD, Richelle – Succubus Blues
MEAD, Richelle – Succubus Dream
MEAD, Richelle – Succubus Heat
MEAD, Richelle – Succubus on Top
MEAD, Richelle – Thorn Queen
MEAD, Richelle – Vampire Academy
MELUCH, RM – Sovereign
MELUCH, RM – The Queen’s Squadron
MEYER, STEPHENIE – Breaking Dawn
MEYER, STEPHENIE – New Moon - read at the request of friends who are obsessed. Meh.
MEYER, STEPHENIE – Twilight  - read at the request of friends who are obsessed. Meh.
MIEVILLE, China – The Scar
MILLAR, Martin – The Good Faeries of New York
MILLER, Karen – Empress of Mijak
MILLER, Karen – Hammer of God
MILLER, Karen – The Riven Kingdom
MODESITT Jr, LE – Colors of Chaos
MODESITT Jr, LE – Fall of Angels
MODESITT Jr, LE – Mage-Guard of Hamor
MODESITT Jr, LE – Magi’I of Cyador
MODESITT Jr, LE – Natural Ordermage
MODESITT Jr, LE – Ordermaster
MODESITT Jr, LE – Scion of Cyador
MODESITT Jr, LE – The Chaos Balance
MODESITT Jr, LE – The Death of Chaos
MODESITT Jr, LE – The Magic Engineer
MODESITT Jr, LE – The Magic of Recluce
MODESITT Jr, LE – The Order War
MODESITT Jr, LE – The Towers of Sunset
MODESITT Jr, LE – The White Order
MODESITT Jr, LE – Wellspring of Chaos
MONETTE ,Sarah – Melusine
MONETTE, Sarah – Corambis
MONETTE, Sarah – The Mirador
MONETTE, Sarah – The Virtu
MONING, Karen – Beyond the Highland Mist
MONING, Karen – Kiss of the Highlander
MONING, Karen – Spell of the Highlander
MONING, Karen – The Dark Highlander
MONING, Karen – The Highlander’s Touch
MONING, Karen – The Immortal Highlander
MONING, Karen – To Tame a Highland Warrior
MONING, Karen Marie – Bloodfever
MONING, Karen Marie – Darkfever
MONING, Karen Marie – Dreamfever
MONING, Karen Marie – Faefever
MOORCOCK, Michael – Storm Bringer
MOORCOCK, Michael – The Jewel in the Skull
MOORCOCK, Michael – The King of the Swords
MOORCOCK, Michael – The Knight of the Swords
MOORCOCK, Michael – The Mad God’s Amulet
MOORCOCK, Michael – The Queens of the Swords
MOORCOCK, Michael – The Runestaff
MOORCOCK, Michael – The Sailor of the Seas of Fate
MOORCOCK, Michael – The Sword of the Dawn
MOORCOCK, Michael – The Weird of the White Wolf
MOORCOCK, Michael – Vanishing Tower
MOORE, Moira J – Heroes Adrift
MOORE, Moira J – Resenting the Hero
MOORE, Moira J – The Hero Strikes Back
MORRIS, William – The Glittering Plain
MORRIS, William – The Well at World’s End
MOSTERT, Natasha – Season of the Witch
MURAKAMI, Haruki – A Wild Sheep Chase
MURAKAMI, Haruki – Kafka on the Shore
MURAKAMI, Haruki – The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
MURPHY, CE – Coyote Dreams
MURPHY, CE – Thunderbird Falls
MURPHY, CE – Urban Shaman
MURPHY, CE – Walking Dead
MURPHY, CE – Winter Moon
NIFFENEGGER, Audrey – The Time Traveler’s Wife
NIX, Garth – Abhorsen
NIX, Garth – Drowned Wednesday
NIX, Garth – Grim Tuesday
NIX, Garth – Lady Friday
NIX, Garth – Lirael
NIX, Garth – Mister Monday
NIX, Garth – Sabriel
NIX, Garth – Sir Thursday
NIX, Garth – Superior Saturday
NOEL, Alyson – Blue Moon
NOEL, Alyson – Evermore
ONO, Fuyumi – Sea of Shadow
ONO, Fuyumi – Sea of Wind
ONO, Fuyumi – The Vast Spread of the Seas
OPPEGAARD, David – Suicide Collectors
PAOLINI, Christopher – Eldest
PAOLINI, Christopher – Eragon
PAUL, Donita K – Dragonfire
PAUL, Donita K – Dragonknight
PAUL, Donita K – Dragonlight
PAUL, Donita K – Dragonspell
PAVER, Michelle – Ghost Hunter
PAVER, Michelle – Oath Breaker
PAVER, Michelle – Outcast
PAVER, Michelle – Soul Eater
PAVER, Michelle – Spirit Walker
PAVER, Michelle – Wolf Brother
PEARSON, Mary – Adoration of Jenna Fox
PETTERSSON, Vicki – City of Souls
PETTERSSON, Vicki – The Scent of Shadows
PETTERSSON, Vicki – The Taste of Night
PETTERSSON, Vicki – The Touch of Twilight
PIERCE, Tamora – Trickster’s Choice
PIERCE, Tamora – Trickster’s Queen
PIKE, Aprilynne – Wings
PRATCHETT, Terry – Mort
PRATCHETT, Terry – Guards! Guards!
PRATCHETT, Terry – Nation
PRATCHETT, Terry – Night Watch
PRATCHETT, Terry – Small Gods
PRATCHETT, Terry – Soul Music
PRATCHETT, Terry – The Color of Magic
PRATCHETT, Terry – The Last Hero
PRATCHETT, Terry – The Truth
PRATCHETT, Terry – The Wee Free Men
PRATCHETT, Terry – Wyrd Sisters
PULLMAN, Philip – Northern Lights
PULLMAN, Philip – The Amber Spyglass
PULLMAN, Philip – The Subtle Knife
RAND, Ayn – Atlas Shrugged
RAWN, Melanie – Skybowl
RAWN, Melanie – Stronghold
RAWN, Melanie – The Dragon Token
RICE, Anne – Blackwood Farm
RICE, Anne – Blood and Gold
RICE, Anne – Blood Canticle
RICE, Anne – Interview with the Vampire
RICE, Anne – Memnoch the Devil
RICE, Anne – The Queen of the Damned
RICE, Anne – The Tale of the Body Thief
RICE, Anne – The Vampire Armand
RICE, Anne – The Vampire Lestat
RIORDAN, Rick – The Battle of the Labyrinth
RIORDAN, Rick – The Last Olympian
RIORDAN, Rick – The Lightning Thief
RIORDAN, Rick – The Sea of Monsters
RIORDAN, Rick – The Titan’s Curse
ROTHFUSS, Patrick – The Name of the Wind
ROWLING, JK – Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
ROWLING, JK – Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
ROWLING, JK – Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire
ROWLING, JK – Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince
ROWLING, JK – Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
ROWLING, JK – Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone
ROWLING, JK – Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban
SAGARA, Michelle – Cast in Courtlight
SAGARA, Michelle – Cast in Fury
SAGARA, Michelle – Cast in Secret
SAGARA, Michelle – Cast in Shadow
SANDERSON, Brandon – Hero of the Ages
SANDERSON, Brandon – Mistborn
SANDERSON, Brandon – Shifting Winds
SANDERSON, Brandon – Tamon Gai’don
SANDERSON, Brandon – The Gathering Storm
SANDERSON, Brandon – The Well of Ascension
SCOTT, Michael – The Alchemist
SCOTT, Michael – The Magician
SCOTT, Michael – The Sorceress
SEDGWICK, Marcus – My Sword Hand is Singing
SEDGWICK, Marcus – The Forshadowing
SEDGWICK, Marcus – Witch Hill
SEE, Lisa – Peony in Love
SETTERFIELD, Diane – The Thirteenth Tale
SHAKESPEARE, William – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
SHEARIN, Lisa – Armed & Magical
SHEARIN, Lisa – Magic Lost, Trouble Found
SHEARIN, Lisa – The Trouble with Demons
SHIELDS, Gillian – Immortal
SIMMONS, Dan – Endymion
SIMMONS, Dan – Hyperion
SIMMONS, Dan – The Fall of Hyperion
SIMMONS, Dan – The Rise of Endymion
SKYE, OBERT – Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo
SMALL, Beatrice – A Distant Tomorrow
SMALL, Beatrice – Lara: Book One of the Word of Heta
SMALL, Beatrice – Sorceress Belmair
SMALL, Beatrice – The Twilight Lord
SMITH-READY, Jeri – Eyes of Crow
SMITH-READY, Jeri – The Reawakened
SMITH-READY, Jeri – Voice of Crow
SMITH-READY, Jeri – Bad to the Bone
SMITH-READY, Jeri – Wicked Game
SMITH, L.J. – The Forbidden Game: The Chase
SMITH, L.J. – The Forbidden Game: The Hunt
SMITH, L.J. – The Forbidden Game: The Kill
SNYDER, Maria – Fire Study
SNYDER, Maria – Magic Study
SNYDER, Maria – Poison Study
STEWART, Mary – The Crystal Cave
STEWART, Mary – The Hollow Hills
STEWART, Mary – The Last Enchantment
STEWART, Mary – The Wicked Day
STIEFVATER, Maggie – Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception
STOKER, Bram – Dracula  --How have I not read this?
STROUD, Jonathan – Ptolemy’s Gate
STROUD, Jonathan – The Amulet of Samarkand
STROUD, Jonathan – The Golem’s Eye
SWIFT, Jonathan – Gulliver’s Travels
TAYLOR, Roger – Into Narsindal
TAYLOR, Roger – The Call of the Sword
TAYLOR, Roger – The Fall of Fyorlund
TAYLOR, Roger – The Return of the Sword
TAYLOR, Roger – The Walking of Orthlund
TOLKIEN, JRR – Children of Hurin
TOLKIEN, JRR – The Fellowship of the Ring
TOLKIEN, JRR – The Hobbit 
TOLKIEN, JRR – The Return of the King
TOLKIEN, JRR – The Two Towers
TURNER, Megan Whalen – The King of Attolia
TURNER, Megan Whalen – The Queen of Attolia
TWAIN, Mark – A Connecticut Yankee
UNKNOWN – Arabian Nights
VELDE, Vivian Vande – Heir Apparent
VERNE, Jules – Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
VINCENT, Rachel – My Soul to Lose
VINCENT, Rachel – My Soul to Take
VINCENT, Rachel – Prey
VINCENT, Rachel – Pride
VINCENT, Rachel – Rogue
VINCENT, Rachel – Stray
VON GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang – Faust
VONNEGUT, Kurt – Slaughterhouse-Five
VUN KANNON, Marc – A Warrior Made
VUN KANNON, Marc – Unbinding the Stone
WALKER, Shiloh – Ben and Shadoe
WALKER, Shiloh – Heart and Soul
WALKER, Shiloh – Hunter’s Edge
WALKER, Shiloh – Hunter’s Need
WALKER, Shiloh – Hunter’s Pride
WALKER, Shiloh – Hunter’s Salvation
WALKER, Shiloh – Hunting the Hunter
WALKER, Shiloh – Interlude
WALKER, Shiloh – Malachi
WALKER, Shiloh – Rafe & Sheila
WALKER, Shiloh – The Beginning
WALKER, Shiloh – The Huntress
WARD, JR – Dark Lover
WARD, JR – Lover Awakened
WARD, JR – Lover Enshrined
WARD, JR – Lover Eternal
WARD, JR – Lover Revealed
WARD, JR – Lover Unbound
WATT-EVANS, Lawrence – The Misenchanted Sword
WATT-EVANS, Lawrence – Touched By the Gods
WEEKS, Brent – Beyond the Shadows
WEEKS, Brent – Shadows Edge
WEEKS, Brent – The Way of Shadows
WEIS, Margaret and HICKMAN, Tracy – Dragons of Autumn Twilight
WEIS, Margaret and HICKMAN, Tracy – Dragons of Spring Dawning
WEIS, Margaret and HICKMAN, Tracy – Dragons of Winter Night
WELLS, HG – The Time Machine
WELLS, Jaye – Red-headed Stepchild
WEST, Michelle – Sea of Sorrows
WEST, Michelle – Sun Sword
WEST, Michelle – The Broken Crown
WEST, Michelle – The Riven Shield
WEST, Michelle – The Shining Court
WEST, Michelle – The Uncrowned King
WILLIAMS, Charles – The Place of the Lion
WILLIAMS, Tad – Siege
WILLIAMS, Tad – Stone of Farewell
WILLIAMS, Tad – Storm
WILLIAMS, Tad – The Dragonbone Chair
WILLIAMSON, Jill – By Darkness Hid
WILSON, CL – Lady of Light and Shadows
WILSON, Kathleen S – Rumer & Qix: The Race to Terra Incognita
WINDLING, Terri – The Wood Wife
WREDE, Patricia – Calling on Dragons
WREDE, Patricia – Dragonsbane
WREDE, Patricia – Mairelon the Magician
WREDE, Patricia – Searching for Dragons
WREDE, Patricia – Shadows Over Lyra
WREDE, Patricia – Snow White and Rose Red
WREDE, Patricia – Talking to Dragons
WREDE, Patricia – The Magician’s Ward
WREDE, Patricia – Thirteenth Child
WYNNE JONES, Diana – Castle in the Air
WYNNE JONES, Diana – Charmed Life
WYNNE JONES, Diana – Conrad’s Fate
WYNNE JONES, Diana – House of Many Ways
WYNNE JONES, Diana – Howl’s Moving Castle
WYNNE JONES, Diana – The Magician’s of Caprona
WYNNE JONES, Diana – The Pinhoe Egg
WYNNE JONES, Diana – Witch Week
WYNNE JONES, Diana – Fire & Hemlock
WYNNE JONES, Diana – The Lives of Christopher Chant
WYNNE JONES, Diana – The Many Lives of Christopher Chant
ZINK, Michelle – Prophecy of the Sisters

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