Finally catching up with Jason.

I am so very extremely behind on movies, mostly due to lack of funding but I missed the latest Friday the 13th simply because I like Dean more than Sam. If you're a Supernatural fan (which you should be) you'll know what I'm talking about, if not let me clue you in. Last year Friday the 13th featuring Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester opened around the same time as My Bloody Valentine featuring Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester. As a fan of the original M.B.V. and Mr. Ackles it won my money. That was in 3D didn't hurt either. Anywho, Friday the 13th is showing tonight on HBO so I'm finally able to catch up.

A bit sad that nerdy guy died so soon. Booo! Kill the whore with the greasy boobs first.
I'm really really curious if Jared who's 6'4" is going to be taller than Jason. No Jared yet so we'll have to wait and see.
Yes greasy slut girl go outside half naked so you can die!! Oh nice set up!!!! A bit Sawesque. Looks like this Jason has some schooling.
Jason attacking through the floor is a nice touch.
Ok wait a minute, I thought greasy slut girl had come loose from the rope? Why is she hanging up again? Or did the bag just come off?
Argh why does every guy on here have poufy hair!! Well except for the token black guy.
SAMMY!!!!!!!!!! looks like a giant compared to poufy jerk.
Jerks girl looks about 14.
Sam's name is Clay but that name sucks so I'm going to keep calling him Sam. He just got pulled over by the Sentinel! (Old TV show they still occasionally show on SyFy.)
Wow totally saw the dog jump scare a mile away.
Poufy douchebag kids are drinking, 14 yr old girl is the definitely the last girl of the group. 
"Start button on a whoop ass machine."  F*cking Awesome!! He (redneck guy) reminds me of Ash.
Sam did the bitchface!!

What an amazing coincidence!! Sam just happened upon douchebag kids cabin. 14 yr old girl comes up to his nipples. 
 Oh yeah Trent, definitely a douche name. OMG this movie has horrible names for their characters. So far we have Whitney, Clay, Trent, Jenna. Maybe I'm just being crabby cause I have a toothache.
 I realize that Sam is terribly attractive but smart girls don't take off with strangers.
Wow Friday the 13th meets Mannequin. Redneck caressing the mannequin is way creepier than maskless Jason. I'm sorry sir but that is not right. Jason's normal compared to you.
I must hang out with some lame people cause my female friends never get topless anywhere near as much as these people do.
Douchebag jerk finally made a smart choice, drinking from a show is nasty.
Ouch topless girls head wound is very impressive. Makes my stomach a little queasy. I would worry about it getting infected from the lake water if I wasn't so sure she was going to die.
WTH! said head wound is magically gone when she's hiding under the docks!!
I'm liking this smarter Jason. Just because he's not the most attractive person doesn't mean that he's stupid.
But following him is stupid Sam.
Why is Sam's sister still alive? I mean I understand plot points and all that but I'm curious as to why she's so special to Jason that he's kept her as a pet.
Apparently it has something to do with whatever is around her neck. I can't quite making it out but I think it's a picture of her Mom.
Aw poor Asian guy. That's why flaming drinks are not a good idea!!
Please let some get killed with the bug zapper. Please please please.
Oh God No!! Thank you for the save Sam!! I do not want to watch some guy masturbate.
So very classy filming yourself. I was hoping this movie received an R rating for gore but I think it's just cause of all the boobs. Bleh.
LOL Love Asian guy (his name is Chewie?) offering Jason the hockey stick, goes with his outfit. Hehe I love a little humor in my horror.
There's the gore I wanted. Very gross.
No Don't go out alone!! I think other than the near masturbation Token Black Guy is my favorite of the douche bag crew. You gotta love a guy that arms himself with a wok.
Run run!!
Ouch. Smart Jason is pretty f*cking awesome. This is the Jason I want to see vs. Freddy.
How the hell did he get on the roof? Can he fly now? o.O
Was hoping for a little more from Slutty Video Girl's death but I guess they can't all be amazing.
Now that was an impressive death!!! Sorry Sentinel cop but that was cool.
Douche Jerk's gun sounds kinda wimpy. Like a BB gun or something. He screams like a girl too. Love it!!
"Where the f*ck are you gun?!" Unless this is a Disney movie I don't think it's going to answer you.
Another somewhat lame death. I still want someone to get killed with the bug zapper.
Sam and the 14 yr old in Jasons lair (for lack of a better world) reminds me of the Shapeshifters lair in Supernatural. If Dean was here he'd save everyone's ass.
Holy crap never saw that coming!!! 
Dammit stand up next to each other so I can compare your heights!!!!
Oh come on honey, you can hide better than that. I'm disappointed in you.
Was just starting to wonder when the scene with Sam getting attacked thtough the window was going to happen. Thank you!
Sam's sister has Jason's locket? Huh?
Damn that had to hurt! Sam's poor jaw.
"Say Hi to Mommy in Hell." .............lame.
Very pretty shot of the mask underwater.
Oooohh very nice!!

Over all I liked this movie, I do wish they had lost some of the nakedness in favor of more gore but I guess you have to please the masses and female horror fans are certainly not that. The kills were very realistic which I liked, I think that after seeing so many movies with elaborate kill scenes that I've started to expect that from all movies. I don't think that's necessarily a good thing but that's just the way I feel.

Still mad I never got to see Sam and Jason side by side. IMDB says that Derek Mears is 6'5" so Jason wins.

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