Really? I mean really?!?

I do not consider myself a movie snob. I don't consider it necessary for all movies to have perfect effects and earth-shaking scripts. I have an undying fondness for cheesy movies and have spent many a happy weekend watching the movie marathons on SyFy. I can deal with the sometimes horrible CGI, I know it's expensive but this is just not ok.

This is the Yeti from the movie of the same name. I would much rather you didn't show him at all then use some guy in a horrible suit. I think we used to sell those teeth for $4.99 at the Halloween store I used to work at. The eye holes aren't even glued down!! I don't really understand this because the make-up effects on the injured people don't look bad at all. Trying to watch this movie but I just keep getting distracted waiting for the guy in white mange suit to show up again. Wait, wanna-be-football-star hurt himself climbing so he is using a human arm as a splint?! Seriously!! Maybe beer would make this movie good. A lot of beer.

Football star and chick go rabbit hunting. Chick throws her spear and gets the rabbit which has now magically turned into either a pile of dryer lint or a stuff animal. Apparently they have caught a mutant rabbit since once it is cooked it somehow now possesses chicken legs. Does that make it chibbit? or a racken? Close ups of people eating what is clearly not rabbit aren't such a great idea. I can't believe there's still an hour left of this!


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  2. lol love it! and agree wholeheartedly!

  3. This was really a lame film, but I found myself getting a lot of laughs out of how lame it was. Especially when they had him suddenly leaping all over the place. That made me laugh out loud every time. I wonder who thought up that idea. Boing!

  4. I think having "Boing" as a sound effect would have vastly improved the entire film. lol